Tuesday, 12 January 2010

This is the new start!! Major project begins here, and this is my new spot of inspiration.
Key ideas for my new breif are.....
    Its all about looking at things in my attic, things which have been forgotten and taking these items to make new pattern, design etc.
Old ebony mirror, belonged to my nana. Things like this are hidden away in draws, ready for me to find!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I think that I need to publiscise the fabulous talents of my Sister! I hope you all like the look of this rather large cupcake she baked, isn't it wonderful, plus edible glitter. She's taking orders now!

It tastes rather darne delicious too...

to begin i must admit that i am quite ashamed that it has taken me so long to figure out how to actually use this! give me a dodgy silk screen any day over this! i think I'm going to begin with an update of what I've been upto so here goes...

I handed in a bundle of work just before Christmas entitled ' This is Britain'. It is an interiors print collection, but one with a twist as most of my work was bespoke and very large...i created huge fabric and paper lengths all hand printed and finished ready to be hung in any lovely persons home :) Here's a few pictures to give an idea of how the collection progressed from design stages to the final collection...

A quick snippet of how my bay and drawing looked, its really important for me to be surrounded by the right imagery and colour palette, so i can create the look i want and make a collection which sits well together. Here are a few pieces from the final collection:

This design was based on architecture found around London and the lion statues outside Buckingham Palace. I was inspired by lots of 50's design for my colour palette, i love using 'limey greens' against soft pastels and muted tones!

Detail below:

A big thank-you to Miss Footman for the great picture of her Grandparents which i based one of my designs upon. Through and through British, even without the pinny! i Love her red shoes!

Notice my great find, the lovely travelling trunk i used to display my sketchbooks.

And now for the next brief....