Wednesday, 17 February 2010

....and so to the development!!

After a bit of the old drawing i am now taking my ideas through to development and hope to create some beautiful furnishing fabrics and placement prints for interiors. Once again i am tackling some printed lengths which i am excited about as the look i want to achieve is going to be very different than my last brief, and so poses a bit of a challenge.

The rejuvenation of old objects found in my attic is really coming together through development and i am starting to move away from obvious shape, to the stage where defining the object in print will be more this way i am recycling imagery into something new and (perhaps!) more interesting

This idea for print is taken form my drawing of an old lamp. I wanted to abstract the shape away from its original form and draw the eye into looking at negative space within the print. Now this will be taken through into print where i want to layer all sorts of beautiful colour and incorporate some interesting texture.

Playing with some tangled up bicycle forms....i think its time for me to get into that print room!

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